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Commercial Litigation

All business organizations, whether large or small, local or national, cautious or prone to taking risk, will at some point face the daunting challenge of bringing or defending a lawsuit. Without quality legal representation, one legal issue could significantly affect the ongoing viability and financial health of a company.

With almost fifteen years of experience in business and commercial litigation, we have the expertise and the experience to guide you to practical, creative and cost-effective solutions to your business dispute. We are experienced in a broad range of corporate/business disputes, as well as in litigation involving claims of breach of contract, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, business torts and unfair competition claims, shareholder and partnership disputes and dissolutions, real estate litigation, theft of trade secrets, civil RICO, professional malpractice, defamation, copyright, trademark, and rights of privacy and publicity.

Among the commercial areas in which we bring and defend actions are:

Business and Commercial Litigation

The Firm represents corporations, partnerships, other business entities and individuals in litigation over a wide range of subject matter, including construction, real estate, shareholder, partnership and other commercial disputes. We also handle litigation arising from the operations of companies, from formation of business entities through the negotiation of commercial and employment contracts, and business dissolution.

Construction Contracts

The Firm has extensive experience drafting, negotiating and modifying custom and form contracts for construction projects, including design-build contracts, GMP contracts, construction manager agreements, architectural/engineering contracts, and other agreements.

Construction Law and Litigation

The Firm handles disputes over matters such as change orders, delay and interference, design errors or omissions, defective work, and contractor default.

Real Estate Transactions

The Firm is experienced in sophisticated real estate transactions involving complex issues. We represent buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, lenders and other interested parties. We also represent commercial and residential clients involved in disputes over purchase and sale agreements, leases, mortgage and mechanic’s lien foreclosures, and a wide range of other issues.